Monday, November 30, 2009

So, what kind of Christmas tree?

This is a conundrum for me. Albeit, a bit of a manufactured one as I am not a practicing Christian, though I was raised in a Christian tradition and my daughter considers herself one.

But, what's more environmentally-friendly? A fake tree, made of wire and plastic, or a real tree?

The jury's out.

I've had a fake tree for years and comforted myself with the notion that I'm not cutting down a real tree, only to throw it out a month later. But the tree is starting to get old, and shed its little bits (another reason for not having a real tree - clean up!) And yes, I know there are some greener options, such as a tree planted in a bucket, but I think only so many of those can be planted in a person's yard. So, maybe for a year or two. What then?

Perhaps we should phase out the Christmas tree tradition? It is really necessary?


purpledogstar said...

The striking thing about your tree is that it's enormous! lol

xysea said...

Well, I inherited it, so that explains the size!

Music Fan said...

Unless there's a shortage of xmas trees I don't see it as an issue from a moral standpoint. Yes pine needles are a pain in the arse for sure but they are nice. Saying this I wont have one as I don't see the point and because I think its a waste of money. I also don't think xmas has any meaning any longer (if it ever did at all) beyond a commercial sense. I have a miniature musical xmas tree and that is all I am having. xmas sucks.


Mr Curmudgeon