Monday, November 30, 2009

So, what kind of Christmas tree?

This is a conundrum for me. Albeit, a bit of a manufactured one as I am not a practicing Christian, though I was raised in a Christian tradition and my daughter considers herself one.

But, what's more environmentally-friendly? A fake tree, made of wire and plastic, or a real tree?

The jury's out.

I've had a fake tree for years and comforted myself with the notion that I'm not cutting down a real tree, only to throw it out a month later. But the tree is starting to get old, and shed its little bits (another reason for not having a real tree - clean up!) And yes, I know there are some greener options, such as a tree planted in a bucket, but I think only so many of those can be planted in a person's yard. So, maybe for a year or two. What then?

Perhaps we should phase out the Christmas tree tradition? It is really necessary?